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Yogi Bhajan gave thousands of different meditations for people to use.

Whichever meditations you choose to work with there are two strategies for building momentum in your Kundalini Yoga practice: meditate more often, and deepen the quality of that meditation.

Meditating more can involve formal sits, yoga sets, and using various techniques to extend your concentration and awareness throughout the day.

Deepening the quality of your meditation is written about in Patanjali’s classic Yogic Sutra’s, particularly in the Eight Limbs of Yoga. The limbs five through eight Patanjali calls pratyahar, dharana, dhyana and samadhi.

Our attention is constantly being pulled here and there when engaged in the outer world.

When we withdraw our attention from the outside world, with the eyes closed and the listening directed inwards – unless you’re listening to the activity of chanting – there are less distractions. This enables us to direct attention inwards, which helps us engage in pratyahar.

As we’re persistent in applying concentration at deeper levels, we begin to synchronize and merge with the Source first in formal meditation, and eventually throughout daily activities. This synchronization and merger throughout formal meditation and in daily life is the deeper meaning of pratyahar in Kundalini Yoga.

Video's Yogi Bhajan

Har Har Mantra , Mediation, Kriya

Of all the mantras in Kundalini Yoga, the most versatile one is surely “Wahe Guru.” The way I usually describe it to audiences when I’m leading kirtan is: an exclamation of unfathomable ecstasy. That’s one definition, but there are many other occasions when this all-purpose mantra is just the thing to say.

1. S#!t Yogis Say:

Whether you’ve just stubbed your to or got fired from your job, there are times when we use not-so-yogic-words in our life.

There’s nothing wrong with using swear words per se (though I don’t recommend teaching your little ones just yet), but admittedly, they don’t do much besides let off a little steam. The next time you want to scream out in frustration or anger, try consciously screaming “Wahe Guru!” instead.

After all, only the Universe knows why this is happening to you, and only the Universe can get you out of it. Call out to the ultimate force governing everything and remember: the things that seem to be falling apart in our lives tend to leave a void for the beauty about to enter. Wahe Guru for that!