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What is Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini Yoga is the origin of all existing yoga practice schools but, is now also available online as home studies. It is also called the yoga of consciousness. Kundalini yoga is an active form of yoga where you can immediately experience what the exercise does for you. The dynamic physical exercises are combined with different breathing techniques and creative meditations, after just a few lessons you immediately feel more vital, more flexible, more alert, and more in balance with body and mind. The ancient technique was passed down orally from the Sikh tradition and was brought to the West in 1960 by Yogi Bhajan, a master like Dheeru Singh in Kundalini Yoga and White Tantra.

The exercises that are treated in the Home Training of the ROSS come from the rich tradition of Kundalini Yoga. Kundalini Yoga is also called the mother of yoga because it unites all forms of yoga. The word Kundal means curl in the hair of the beloved. Sometimes the image of a snake that is coiled up at the rump is also used. Kundalini energy cannot be perceived with your senses. It goes up through the back to the higher energy centers. The kundalini energy is in the spine.

With Kundalini yoga exercises, the back becomes pleasantly warm, and you feel that the energy spreads through your body. Doing the exercises and meditations is represented as poking the coiled serpent (Kundalini) until it can unfurl or wake up. What wakes you up? Nothing strange or unknown, but the best in yourself. You can give it names like your deepest self or your Self or your highest consciousness. Sometimes the Kundalini energy is even described as God manifesting in you. Its just which description appeals to you the most.

When practicing Kundalini yoga, you do exercises and meditations that wake you up. They bring you into your power and they put you on the ground with both feet. Kundalini yoga is pre-eminently the form of yoga for people with an active existence. It is not the yoga of the ascetic or the yogi who lives in seclusion. Kundalini yoga is also called the yoga of consciousness. Through Kundalini yoga you start living consciously, your senses become more receptive, and you also become physically stronger.

Exercise series!

If you stick to the exercise times and the correct sequences, the exercises will have the desired effect. What the exercises can do for you is always mentioned in the series. There are exercise series for absolutely everything. You can't think of any ailment or discomfort but there is a series of exercises or a meditation for it. It's good to know Kundalini yoga is for everyone.

You often hear the opinion that Kundalini yoga is a form of navel-gazing and a self-centered activity. Nothing is less true. You practice yoga to bring yourself into harmony, and to find peace within yourself. That peace will affect your environment and everyone around you will enjoy your yoga practice.

The Yoga of Consciousness with the aim of activating the Kundalini in the lower spine and opening the chakras. In Kundalini Yoga we move the Kundalini energy

The word Kundalini is Sanskrit and means "the coiled one". According to ancient scriptures, Kundalini energy, also called life energy, lies in sleeping like a coiled snake at the base of our chakras. Depending on where and how much energy is in your chakras, 3 things change: your experience, your character, and your behavior.

The name Kundalini, therefore, refers to the consciousness that is present in everyone. The awakening of the Kundalini creates an energy flow that fuels this consciousness. The unconscious becomes conscious through the practice of Kundalini Yoga and awakens the practitioner's true potential. To achieve this, Kundalini Yoga uses physical exercises (kriya

The word kriya means 'action'. In the case of Kundalini Yoga, it is a series of postures, breaths, and sounds to manifest something with this action depending on the intention of the meditations, or mantra.

Kundalini Energy

The word Kundalini is Sanskrit and means "the coiled one". According to ancient scriptures, Kundalini energy, also called life energy, lies sleeping like a coiled snake at the base of our… dan? The word Kundalini is Sanskrit and means "the coiled one". According to ancient scriptures, the Kundalini energy, also called life energy, lies sleeping like a coiled snake at the base of our spine. When this energy awakens, it rises through the chakras up to the crown. Because it goes through all chakras, Kundalini energy ensures that you gradually work through accumulated blockages. This is accompanied by insights and healing on every level. Subsequently, this energy must also go down again. This downward movement is at least as important as it provides grounding. So, the energy must circulate.

Kundalini energy is in fact our greatest power of creativity and awareness. The energy is present in everyone, even though people are not always aware of it. Kundalini energy works in every aspect of your life: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. For example, it can help with illness through its self-healing ability, it can bring balance and help to realize unification. When the energy awakens, consciousness opens in its entirety and brings man to a state of enlightenment. With Kundalini Yoga, among other things, you can awaken this energy. By meditating repeatedly and doing yoga exercises, you can reach dissimilar stages of awakening.